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Compare our Solar Blankets

With a Solar Blanket from on your swimming pool, you'll enjoy warmer pool water all swim-season long, with absolutely NO equipment or utility costs, toxic emissions or a complicated installation. Just place the Solar Blanket on the surface of the water whenever the pool is not in use, that's it!

Our Solar Blankets are available in a wide variety of mil thicknesses, from 5-Mil Budget to our Ultimate 16-Mil Klear Heat. Use the information on this page to help determine which Solar Blanket is best for your swimming pool and situation. If you have any questions, give our friendly Pool Experts a call at 1-800-983-7665. They can offer advice, & process your order by phone, too!

Swimming Pool Solar Blanket Comparison Chart

5 Mil Budget Blue Solar Blanket
For swimming pool owners on a budget, our 5-Mil Solar Blanket is a great choice. It's our lightest Solar Blanket material so it's easy to manage. And even though it's our most economically-priced Solar Blanket, it's designed with quality in mind - so you can feel good about using it, all season long.

  • Heating Power Rating = Good
  • Top / bottom color is Blue
  • 4x8 5-Mil Budget Blue Step Section Available
  • Features a 1-Year Warranty (90 days full)

8 Mil Standard Blue Solar Blanket
Our 8-Mil Solar Blanket is a great value. The material is heavier than our 5-Mil Blankets, but is still relatively lightweight & easy to handle. This Solar Blanket's quality resin material is durable and well-made, to give you hassle-free performance all swim-season long, even with frequent use.

  • Heating Power Rating = Very Good
  • Top / Bottom color is Blue
  • 4x8 8-Mil Standard Blue Step Section Available
  • Features a 3-Year Warranty (1 Year Full)

12 Mil Premium Solar Blankets
Our 12-Mil Premium Solar Blankets offer real performance, at a great low price. Mid-weight resin material is strong & durable, with quality constructon that will withstand the elements, and give you warmer water, season after season.

  • Heating Power Rating = Excellent
  • Available in Blue, Blue/Silver, Blue/Black, Klear
  • 4x8 12-Mil Premium Step Sections Available (in all color combinations)
  • Features a 7-Year Warranty (2 Years Full)

16 Mil Ultimate Solar Blankets
Our 16-Mil Ultimate Klear Choice & Klear Heat Solar Blankets are the best, most advanced Solar Blankets we offer. They feature the thickest resin material available, with quality construction and durable seams for long life. These Solar Blankets are ideal for pool owners who want maximum pool-water heating power, for less!

  • Heating Power Rating = Superior
  • Klear Choice material is Silver, Klear Heat material is Clear
  • 4x8 16-Mil Ultimate Step Sections Available
  • Features a 8-Year Warranty (2 Years Full)

What is a "Mil"?
"Mil" is a unit of measure that relates to the thickness of a given material - in this case, your Solar Blanket. 1 mil is defined as measuring 1/1000 of an inch. In general, the thicker the solar blanket material, the better the quality & performance.

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